Traverse Rocket Rings Package

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  • Just like a Ninja warrior, you can now tackle your own Backyard Ninja course with Funky Monkey Bars NEW Traverse Rocket Rings.

    Challenge your upper body strength with this Ninja training equipment and climb across the 3m galvanised pipe circuit using the silicone coated Rocket Rings.

    Travel back and forth in a traverse motion and see how many laps you can do to prove your Ninja status.

    Made to fit perfectly between two Swing Frames on a Funky Monkey Bars frame only and comes with all the attachments you need to add-on to your frame



    • The two 3-metre traverse bars are made from Australian galvanised steel pipe, powder coated silver with 4x long tee fittings included.
    • The Rocket Rings are 280mm in diameter, made with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic and partly coated with a thick silicone rubber.
    • Each of the Traverse Bars and the Rocket Rings are load rated to 130kg
    • A Funky Monkey Bars frame with two Swing Frames opposite each other is required for the installation of the Traverse Rocket Rings.
    • The Traverse Rocket Rings can be fitted to The Orangutan, The Gorilla and The Tamarin PLUS.
    • When the Traverse Rocket Rings are installed, please remove any swings or hanging equipment from the swing frames to avoid hazards.



    2 x 3m length galvanised steel pipe

    2 x 280mm diameter ABS, silicone rubber coated rings



    Box Quantity  Box Codes
    1 F2 - 2950 Swing Bars x 2 
    1 Q6 - Fittings 
    1 TRAV - Rocket Rings
    Total Boxes = 3