Kiwi couple bringing the fun of monkey bars to New Zealand

October 02, 2018

Kiwi couple bringing the fun of monkey bars to New Zealand

Backyards will be even more fun for Kiwi kids from October 2018 when Jane and Marc Roberts open the first international outlet outside of Australia for Funky Monkey Bars in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Nine years ago, Christchurch born brothers Shane and Marc Roberts, built a backyard monkey bar that was free-standing and the kids loved it. Shane had fulfilled his five-year-old daughter’s dream and Uncle Marc had given a helping hand.

What followed in 2011 was the creation of start-up company, Funky Monkey Bars, in Perth Western Australia where Shane had settled with his family.

The popularity of Funky Monkey Bars grew and new frames and outdoor fun and fitness equipment were continually added, all with the aim of getting kids outdoors and away from the lure of the screen. 

Thousands of Funky Monkey Bar frames are now manufactured in Perth and are sold direct to backyards across Australia with an increasing demand for the product internationally.

In the mean-time, Marc had moved back to New Zealand and established his own building company. Fast-forward to 2018 and the time is now right to introduce Funky Monkey Bars to New Zealand and make the outdoor play products more accessible to Kiwi kids.

Jane and Marc Roberts will open a New Zealand distribution centre in Waikuku, Canterbury, New Zealand and an online store, where Kiwis can buy direct the most popular Funky Monkey Bar frames.

The Original is a free-standing, height-adjustable monkey bar with four ‘twirly-whirly’ bars that the kids love to swing over and also stabilise the frame so that it doesn’t need to be concreted into the ground.

The Orangutan adds an extra frame to hang a swing and trapeze to the popular monkey bar and The Gorilla is the biggest backyard playground with everything plus more swings and a cargo net for climbing.

All Funky Monkey Bars are made from Australian galvanised steel tube, with malleable iron fittings, stainless steel screws and then coloured with Dulux outdoor powder coating. They are made to withstand harsh conditions and to last for generations.

On Funky Monkey Bars kids do what comes naturally to them; they swing, climb and hang out with their friends and when kids conquer the challenge provided by monkey bars they grow in strength and self-esteem.  

Visit the New Zealand outlet for Funky Monkey Bars on the website or call or email to make an appointment to see the range in the Waikuku warehouse 0800 2 FUNKY (0800 2 38659).