Our Story

Funky Monkey Bars® is an Australian owned, family-run company founded in 2011 and in 2018 it opened its first international outlet outside of Australia, in Canterbury New Zealand.

New Zealand-born founder, Shane Roberts, created the first Funky Monkey Bar in Perth, Western Australia for his monkey-mad 5-year-old daughter, who’d spend all day, every day challenging herself to get better.

Shane built The Original model with his brother, Marc Roberts, who at the time was also living in Australia, and together they proto-typed the first four Funky Monkey Bars in the range.

The Funky Monkey Bar was free-standing, without the need to concrete it in, yet it was tough and strong enough for all the neighborhood kids to play on.

Marc returned to New Zealand with his family in 2010 to establish his own building company.

Colin Burdle joined Funky Monkey Bars® in 2014. His knowledge of steel fabrication expanded the design of Funky Monkey Bars to be height-adjustable and modular so that customers could add more play and fitness equipment to their existing frame.

New frames were introduced and the concept continued to grow in popularity with greater family involvement. Funky Monkey Bars® was getting kids outdoors and away from the lure of the screen - worldwide.

In 2018 Marc and Jane Roberts returned to Funky Monkey Bars® to open the first international outlet outside of Australia, in Canterbury New Zealand.

Kiwi families, who love the great outdoors, can now buy the most popular Funky Monkey Bars for their backyard, and plans are afoot to grow the product offering, so customers can add to their modular frames with even more fun!

What’s important to everyone at Funky Monkey Bars® is continual improvement of our innovative designs and that all our configurations meet commercial playground quality and safety standards.

Funky Monkey Bars® is all about bringing back the fun and resilience that comes from active, outdoor play that we all remember as kids, and our kids help to keep it real as the ultimate product reviewers.