Workout at Home: A Mum's Guide

April 29, 2020

Workout at Home: A Mum's Guide

Mums will remember the feeling of conquering the monkey bars when they were kids, only to discover that when they try again now it's not as easy!


Funky Mum, Allie, has put together some exercises to help Mums everywhere to get fit on the monkey bars in their own backyard.  
With gyms closed everywhere it's a great home workout!


Tips to get ready...
  • Wear comfortable clothes and sport shoes if possible.
  • A one minute warm-up could be walking or skipping around the garden using the arms.
  • Check posture - stand tall, feet apart, bum and tummy tucked in, shoulders down and back, chest up and chin up.
  • Toes facing forward - knees and toes should be in line.

Tips for the workout...

  • Don't rush - it's not a race.
  • Use 4 reps as a rule of thumb - 4, 8, 12... only do what is comfortable to do.
  • If it hurts, stop!
  • Check your posture after each 4 reps.
  • Breathe! Do not hold your breath. Breath in when it's easy, breath out with the effort.
  • Have fun! This is your own personal workout - just for you!

After the workout...

  • It's important to stretch the muscles you have worked.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Try and have a little walk to encourage blood flow around the body.
  • Pat yourself on the back!

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