Ninja Grips-Long Package

  • The Ninja Grips - Long Package includes a set of four 165mm long Ninja Grips with the addition of four zinc plated swing hooks so that you secure them directly on to a Funky Monkey Accessories Bar that is also included in this package.

    The swing hooks hold the long Nina Grips in place to limit the movement when you grip, pull up and swing.

    The Ninja Grips-Long Package can be attached to The Orangutan, The Gorilla, The Lemur, The Capuchin or The Mandrill.

    Dimensions: 4 x165mm length x 55mm diameter, 4 x 380mm black straps and hooks, 4 x swing hooks and 2.8m Accessories Bar.

    Colour: Blue grips with black straps, silver, swing hooks and silver powder coated accessories bar.

    Material: Steel Ninja Grips, covered with soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and hung from polyester straps with steel clips, zinc plated swing hooks and a powder coated, galvanised steel accessories bar.

    Load rating: Ninja grips are load rated to130kg on the accessories bar.

    Optional: Add a set of four Ninja Grips – Round and you can swap the round and long grips in and out of your Accessories Bar.

  • Part Type Weight Dimensions
    1 9kg 2960mm x 55mm x 55
    2 6kg 260mm x 170mm x 170mm