3M Cargo Wall Package

  • Introducing the beast of all Cargo Nets - the NEW 3m Cargo Wall.

    Perfect for avid climbers, the 3m Cargo Wall is essential for building strength, co-ordination, endurance and the confidence to climb heights.

    Now with 3 metres of width to tackle; climb across, up and over. Beat your personal best or compete with family and friends in an obstacle challenge to see who can get to the top and down the other side first.

    The kids will feel like the king of the mountain!

    Add-on a Firefighter’s Pole or two at the sides of the 3m Cargo Wall for the ultimate obstacle race challenge.



    • Manufactured from 12mm thick, rot-resistant polypropylene rope promoting durability and long-life.
    • All fittings also provided to securely attach to a Funky Monkey Bars frame only.
    • Includes 2 x 3m Accessories Bars to tightly secure the top and bottom of the Cargo Wall to your Funky Monkey Bars frame.
    • A Funky Monkey Bars frame with two Single or Double Swing Frames opposite each other is required for the installation of the 3m Cargo Wall.
    • It can be fitted to The Orangutan or The Gorilla.
    • Attach the 3m Cargo Wall to the outside corners of the Swing Frames, ensure there are no other Accessories or Add-ons existing in this space.



    3m (W) x 2.12m (H)



    Box Quantity  Box Codes
    1 F2 - 2950 Swing Bars x 2 
    1 O2 - Cargo Wall
    1 Q6 - Fittings
    Total Boxes = 3