3M Horizontal Jungle Rope - *AVAILABLE NOW*

  • Hang, swing and crawl along our NEW 3-metre Horizontal Jungle Rope - just like a monkey on a vine.

    Challenge yourself to cross the rope without touching the ground!

    This new accessory is great for building arm and core strength.



    • 3m x 38mm diameter strong polyester rope made for outdoor use with shrink wrapped steel hook at each end.

    • Black rope with a flash of lime green.

    • 2 x Swing Hooks

    • Load rated to 130kg.

    PLEASE NOTE: Requires swing frames positioned opposite one another to attach (e.g. The Orangutan, The Gorilla and The Tamarin Plus)

  • Item # SKU Weight (kg) Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm)
    1 JUNG/D/2710 4 32 32 15