Floating Accessories Bar

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  • The Floating Accessories Bar doesn’t increase your footprint as it ‘floats’ outside the base frame extending the galvanised steel bars 450mm out from the top of the frame with the support of purpose-designed, malleable iron fittings.

    The extra bar gives you more swinging space for accessories like the Nest Swing, gymnastics and ninja equipment or the new Swinging Cubby.

    This design reduces the interference with the swings already included on your Funky Monkey Bars frame.

    The Floating Accessories Bar can be added to these Funky Monkey Bars frames: The Orangutan, The Orangutan PLUS, The Gorilla, The Tamarin Plus, The Orangutan Plus Cargo & The Oranguan Plus Combat. 

    PLEASE NOTE: The Floating Accessories Bar cannot be added to The Original or The Tamarin.



    • A three-metre length of Australian medium-strength, galvanised steel floats out from the frame between two extension brackets, made of 450mm galvanised steel bars and malleable iron fittings.
    • Perfect to hang some of the accessories in the Funky Monkey Bars range that require extra length or width.
    • Doesn’t add to the footprint of the base frame secured to the ground as it ‘floats’ out from the top of the frame.
    • Reduces the interference with the swings hanging in the Swing Frames when you hang more add-ons.
    • Load rated to 120kgs


  • Box Quantity Box Code
    1 F1 - 2950 Swing Bar x 1 
    1 M2 - 600 Brace Bars x 4
    1 Q14 - Fittings
    Total Boxes = 3