The Floating Flying Fox

  • Exclusive to Funky Monkey Bars is our most popular add-on accessory, the Floating Flying Fox. It is classic, old-school park fun and we are super excited to make it available for the backyard.

    Strong rubber wheels inside a steel trolley creates a secure, smooth zoom and glide, back and forth on a three-metre pole.

    The Flying Fox floats on 450mm galvanised steel extension bars and brackets to prevent interference with other play equipment on the frame.

    Choose a Button Swing or a Flying Fox Handle, or choose both, to be able to swap the fun in and out.


    • A three-metre ride on polyurethane wheels, a heavy-duty steel trolley and a rubber stopper to cushion the ride.
    • 450mm galvanised steel bars and iron-clad fittings bracket the Flying Fox to float out from the Swing Frame.
    • The Button Swing is a 280mm diameter, 64mm black rubber seat with yellow PVC coated 1600mm chain.
    • The Flying Fox Handle consists of a stainless-steel base with quality rubber handles, measuring 320mm in width and 32mm in diameter – designed for both big and small kids. Comes with a Height-adjustable strap that is 50cm in length and when extended to it's full length it sits 1.4m from the ground.
    • Load rated to 130kg


    PLEASE NOTE: The Floating Flying Fox must be installed between two Swing Frames with opposite corners ie. The Orangutan or The Gorilla.

    • Item # SKU Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
      1 F1 2960mm 55mm 55mm 8kg
      2 N2 325mm 325mm 240mm 12kg
      3 M 1000mm 140mm 70mm 3kg