Roman rings - *AVAILABLE NOW*

  • Funky Monkey Bars has brought out its own range of Roman Rings to support the gymnasts and budding ninjas who love training on Funky Monkey Bars in their backyard.

    Unlike traditional wooden gymnastics rings, Funky Monkey Roman Rings are made of a tough and durable ABS plastic to withstand the weather when hung from our galvanised steel frame.

    Each Roman Ring is attached to five metres of nylon strap that will hold adults and kids using the rings for their upper body strength training.

    You can hang Roman Rings directly onto a Funky Monkey Swing Frame, on the side of the ladder or attach an Accessories Bar to increase the space for training.

    Materials: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, steel carabiner and nylon straps

    Dimensions: 280mm diameter of Roman Rings, 5m x 38mm strap

    Load rating: 200kg in the swing frame, 130kg on the accessories bar.

  • Part Type Weight Dimensions
    1 2kg 250mm x 250mm x 70mm