Small Nest Swing (70CM) - *AVAILABLE NOW*

  • The Nest Swing is a super popular swing in all the great parks and playgrounds and now it’s available for your backyard.

    The NEW Small Nest Swing is the perfect size to fit in the Funky Swing Frame at 70cm diameter. You can swap it in and out with other swings in the Funky range.

    The kids will love to sit or stand on the Small Nest Swing, and even swing together in pairs.

    Please Note: there are two Nest Swings in the Funky range. The Small Nest Swing is intended to be used in a Swing Frame and the Large Nest Swing (100cm) is designed to hang on the Funky Accessories Bar.


    • The Small Nest Swing (70cm) is load-rated to 130kgs.
    • Black rope with striking highlights of green.
    • 70cm diameter, round swing made from a powder coated steel frame and polypropylene rope for durability & rot-resistance.
    • Includes two Swing Hooks required to attach to a Swing Frame.

    NOTES ON HOW TO ADD-ON: The Small Nest Swing (70cm) requires a Swing Frame or Accessories Bar for installation.

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