Swinging Cubby

  • Float in mid-air and rock in the breeze inside a spacious canvas cubby house, protected from the hot NZ sun.

    Open up the door and windows to let in some fresh air or remove the entire canopy in seconds for a sunbed conversion complete with its own canvas pillow.

    Enjoy the Swinging Cubby day and night with LED fairy lights and built-in storage pockets for a reading book or snacks – an awesome space for hanging out with friends and to relax after a long day.

    Check out our very own Funky Monkey having a snooze on the sunbed and the canopy.



    • The brilliant blue Swinging Cubby base and canopy cover is made of heavy-duty, canvas material – PU coated for water-resistance. 
    • A closable door with two heavy duty double-sided opening zips on each side, plus two toggle connections to allow the door to be rolled and secured
    • A detachable, water-resistant canopy cover with built-in toggles
    • Two mesh windows with their own blinds with toggles to open the windows
    • A one-metre-long pillow on the sunbed and two built-in pockets for storage
    • Six-branch, LED fairy lights with a waterproof battery pack (batteries not included – 2x AA required)
    • 140cm diameter and 165 cm height
    • Hangs from a galvanised swing hook and snap hook, plus a stainless-steel swivel bracket for a smooth rotation
    • Galvanised steel tubing is used around the base of the swing to keep it strong and securely in place
    • The Funky Swinging Cubby is load rated to 130kgs

    PLEASE NOTE: Store the Swinging Cubby away from the elements when not in use to prolong product life. To ensure safe use of this equipment, follow the user guide located on the safety & warning label.

    NOTES ON HOW TO ADD ON: The Swinging Cubby requires an Accessories Bar or Floating Accessories Bar for installation. It is too wide to hang within a Single or Double Swing Frame.