The Orangutan Plus Cargo

Frame Color
  • If you have avid climbers in your family, The Orangutan PLUS CARGO is ideal for building skill and confidence

    The 3m x 2.3m Cargo Wall is an awesome addition to this popular frame as it provides so much fun and entertainment for lots of kids, without adding any extra width to the 2m wide Orangutan base frame.

    Kids love the Cargo Wall to hang and climb together with a bunch of friends and relatives.

    When combined with the 3m height-adjustable Monkey Bar, Sling Swing and Trapeze you have a sleek and slim backyard playground that’s perfect for early childhood and through the primary school years.

    Plenty of options to swap-in and add-on as the family grows from the Funky modular range.


    • Includes a 3m length x 2.3m high Cargo Wall
    • Features a 3m x 900mm, nine rung, height adjustable monkey bar that grows up with the kids from 1.2 to 2.3 metres.
    • Two single swing frames included on The Orangutan frame, creates two generous spaces to hang your accessories. Included are the sling swing and trapeze as they are always popular with the kids.
    • Grow your frame as your family grows too – the modular design means it’s easy to add-on more accessories in the future. 
    • Super strong and stable, Australian galvanised steel frame that’s completely free-standing.
    • No need to concrete the footings into the ground, just peg onto grass at each anchor point.
    • Stabilised by Funky Monkey Bars unique design and the fun and functional 900mm twirly-whirly bars.
    • Load-rated to 560kgs suitable for children and adults.