The Gorilla Plus Combat

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  • For those who want that little bit extra, The Gorilla PLUS Combat Ladder & Cargo Wall is perfect for all ages and the ideal combination of fun and fitness.

    Featuring the added challenge of a 3m high Combat Ladder and Power Pole, a huge Cargo Wall and a long 3m Jungle Rope.

    The Gorilla as the base frame includes the 3m length, height-adjustable monkey bar and four swing stations packed with fun for family and friends.

    Plenty of options to add-on more Funky accessories to the modular frame.



    • The challenging Combat Ladder to climb up to 3m high, clamber down the 3m long Jungle Rope or Power Pole.
    • The Combat Ladder includes a height-adjustable step to attach and climb up your Funky frame
    • A 3m length x 2.3m high Cargo Wall
    • 3m length x 900mm wide, nine rung, height adjustable Monkey Bar that grows up with the kids from 1.2 to 2.3 metres.
    • 2 x 3m double swing frames included on The Gorilla frame, creates four generous spaces to hang your favourite accessories. Included are the Cargo Net, Sling Swing, Trapeze and Rubber Swing.
    • Option to swap swings for other Funky accessories
    • Option to add-on and attach more play and fitness equipment.
    • Super strong and stable, Australian galvanised steel frame that’s completely free-standing.
    • No need to concrete the footings into the ground, just peg onto grass at each anchor point.
    • Stabilised by Funky Monkey Bars unique design and the fun and functional 900mm Twirly Whirly Bars.
    • 5m (L) x 3m (W) x 3m (H) footprint
    • Load rated to 1090kgs suitable for kids and adults



    3m (W) x 5m (L) x 3m (H)


    Plan & Side View Download
  • Box Quantity Box Code
    1 A1 - Ladder
    2 B1 - Legs
    1 C1 - Twirlys
    1 D9 - Rungs
    1 D13 - Rungs
    1 E2 - Combat Ladder
    1 F1 - 2950 Swing Bars
    2 F2 - 2950 Swing Bars
    2 F5 - 2300 Swing Legs
    1 N - Accessories Box
    1 I3 - 1 x 1085 & 1 x 1040 Bars
    1 I4 - 2 x 1085 Bars
    1 O - Cargo Net & Bar
    1 O2 - Cargo Wall
    1 Q6 - Fittings
    1 Q11 - Fittings
    1 Q16 - Fittings
    1 Q22 - Fittings
    1 T3 - Hardware & Assembly Instructions 
    Total Boxes = 22